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About Us

AlShaitan Legal Group is a law firm based in Kuwait but is connected to several law firms around the World. We deal with mostly Commercial and Local matters. Our client’s needs and expectations are paramount in how we operate our firm. We understand the importance of service and hold our clients in high esteem.

Mr. Fahad Al-Shaitan have been practicing in Kuwait for an extended period and are well established and respected in Local law. They believe for a law firm to truly benefit the clients there must be diversity and growth. 

They have a group of known and reputable lawyers/consultants who have joined the firm. They have been chosen for their knowledge of International and Local law as well as their expertise. This firm prides itself on being able to offer the clients Local as well as International advice, from lawyers who are experienced in those jurisdictions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to attract as much local and International talent to our firm so we can work together to make a real difference. We want to be the positive change but keeping our core values in sight. We believe in Justice and equality and would like to be recognized as a firm who is both traditional and forward thinking.

Our Mission

Is to bring our clients the best service possible. We want to make any legal transaction or experience as stress free and as financially transparent as possible. We value our customers and Lawyers equally and understand their importance in the role of the Firm. We pride ourselves on the service we give and intend to continually improve it.
Our mission is to develop and expand our firm so we can offer a full service to our clients which enables them to deal with any transaction or dispute from the comfort of their ‘home’ country without any unnecessary distress.

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